4 months ago
*Natures Toughest Gastropod, Volcano Snails with Iron Shells*
Emmanuel Ojukwu
3 yr. ago
Elon Musk on govt on Mars: offers chance to recreate politics that benefit citizens

Elon Musk says human settlement on Mars could be a second chance to build a better government. The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO told podcaster Lex Fridman in a wide-ranging, 2.5-hour interview that putting humans on Mars is an opportunity to "rethink the whole nature of government, as was done in the creation of the United States" in the 18th century.
#elonmusk #mars #USA
Emmanuel Ojukwu
3 yr. ago
Why Buhari Can't Visit Families, States Affected By Banditry - Maigari Dingyadi

The Minister of Police Affairs, Maigari Dingyadi, has said it is practically impossible for President Muhammadu Buhari to pay condolence visits to states and families affected by insecurity. In an interview with BBC Hausa, the minister said it is not possible for Buhari, as a president to visit all the places due to nature of his job and the occurrences of the attacks.
#buhari #attacks #insecurityinnigeria
Emmanuel Ojukwu
3 yr. ago
Unbelievable Moment Fish Move Through Sea In The Shape Of A Love Heart

Hundreds of fish form a heart shape in stunning drone footage. The group of crevalle jack swam in formation before dispersing in the glistening turquoise water. The stunning aerial footage was captured by restaurant owner Paul Dabill, 47, from Jupiter, Florida.
#Nature #fishes #AquaticLife

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