5 months ago
Nigerian Cultures: Igbo 😍
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10 months ago
MetaMask is a Chrome extension for Ethereum-based blockchain interactions. It serves as a digital wallet allowing users to manage cryptocurrencies, access decentralized apps, and securely execute transactions. It enhances the user experience within the blockchain ecosystem by simplifying interactions and providing a convenient interface.
Emmanuel Ojukwu
2 yr. ago
Rwanda silencing YouTubers with ‘abusive’ legal framework - Human Rights Watch

Opposition leaders, journalists, and commentators in Rwanda are being persecuted by judicial authorities for their speeches and opinions, intensifying a culture of intolerance towards dissent, a human rights group has said.
#rwanda #paulkagame #youtube #humanrightsviolation
Emmanuel Ojukwu
3 yr. ago
Capitol attack: Police officer pleads not guilty to charges he tried to obstruct investigations

A US Capitol Police officer on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to charges that he obstructed a probe into the 6 January attack on the Capitol complex by supporters of then-President Donald Trump by urging a participant to destroy Facebook posts showing him inside, warning that he could be prosecuted.
#capitolattack #donaldtrump #capitolcomplex
Emmanuel Ojukwu
3 yr. ago
Tunisia president appoints new govt nearly 3 months after power grab

Tunisia's President Kais Saied appointed a new government Monday, 11 weeks after firing the last one in a controversial power grab, as the country faces acute economic and political crises.
#tunisia #presidentkais

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